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Do you accept custom orders and can I ship pieces to you for painting?
Yes, we do accept custom orders for paint. As everything is done in-house, we can customize the product at any step in the process and can take your pieces from mild to wild.
What type of paint do you use?
For all our custom paint projects, we use either Sikkens or House of Kolor products.
Does my tank, fender, hood, etc. have to be in finished condition prior to having any graphics applied?
No, you can ship your pieces to us in whichever condition you like. If bodywork, etc. is required, we are certainly set up to handle it. Of course, the better condition you send us the pieces in, the less it will cost you in the long run.
Are you guys the stereotypical "wacked out, paint what I like, when I like, don't tell me what you want" type of artists?
Well, although our sanity has sometimes been the topic of discussion, suffice it to say that our goal is to provide you with what you have pictured in your mind as a final project. We strongly recommend and encourage your input into all aspects of the project.

Leather Goods

Your saddlebags look great, but can I get a set to fit _________?
As all of our leather saddlebags are built from "square one", we can certainly build a set to fit whatever you own. Quite often, all that is needed is for you to cut a piece of cardboard to fit where your bags will fit on your bike, and we can build a set of bags from there.
Can I get my saddlebags with spots or conchos or different coloured piping or different buckles?
Yes, that is what sets our saddlebags apart from others. We give you the option to either dress up or dress down your bags to fit your particular tastes. We have other photos available of our bags that show different options that previous customers have requested.
The solo/double seats look great. Can I order one?
Occasionally, we do have finished seats for sale in stock, depending upon our access to seatpans. As these seats were available for many years, the seatpans can usually be found in used condition from your buddy, a swap meet or even off of your own bike. We take the metal pan you provide and refurbish it to a new condition with new paint, leather, skirting, etc.
I have a custom I am building. Can you do a seat for it?
We can recover any seatpan that is provided to us. If you are building a custom, we recommend you have either a fiberglass pan made ( a simple process that we can instruct you on) or a metal seat pan built. (Once again, we can provide you with some instruction).
What do you use for re-covering your seatpans?
We use top-grain leather for almost all our seat projects. Quite simply, it wears well and looks great.